Friday, 29 June 2012

Print on Print

Jacket: Thrift & DIY
Top: Topshop (ebay)
Skirt: ebay
necklace: New Look
Leggings: H&M

I've been really wanting to try clashing prints but ALL of my wardrobe is made of floral prints. I decided just to go for it anyway and clash florals. What I kept in mind while doing it was

- Do the colours compliment each other/are there similar colours running through the prints?
- Are the prints similar sizes?

But to be honest, no matter what size, colour or print you use, clashing prints always looks awesome in my eyes. As long as it makes you happy I don't think there should be any "rules"

Since I've been home for the summer I've been sorting though all my clothes boxes, the pieces I use the most are actually ones I bought on ebay last summer like some of the clothes in these pictures :) I might have to try browsing ebay properly again soon! I've also come across LOADS of vintage clothes I meant to sell on my etsy last year, I really want to reopen it but I want to sell some old clothes too so I might use bigcartel. Does anyone have any other suggestions for good sites to use? :) Other than ebay which I will definitely use to sell off my old bits and pieces!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

OOTD: Under £20

Bralet: DIY (£3.57)
Skirt: Primark sale (£3)
Necklace: Jewellery Outlet (£3)
Jacket: Charity Shop (£4)

Without even realising, I managed to pull together an outfit that came to a grand total of £13.57 (minus shoes, as they don't fit in the frame). The bralet was made from a Topshop dress I bought on ebay well over a year ago, it was 2 sizes to big so I got some kitchen scissors on it (I felt like I was committing a crime, cutting up a topshop dress!), hemmed the seams and added a new zipper and voila! The dress sat at a funny angle anyway and I've had so much wear out of it this way!
The other pieces are pretty self explanatory. I think I might make more "under £20" posts as they could be really fun to put together and they really reflect my thrifty/DIY style :)
It was nice and sunny this morning so hopefully anyone who doesn't have to suffer the horrible British weather can relate to this outfit! 

I feel a bit like a corpse today, I've been a bit unwell (hence the eyebags!) I can't wait to be off to Italy in under a week, better start planning my posts! 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Flower band and Instagrams

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Charity Shop
Leggings: H&M
Floral Headband: New Look
Necklace: Jewellery Outlet

Just a quick OOTD today, the shirt is huge and so unflattering but I love it nonetheless, and the dress I bought in an outlet in Panama at Christmas but it was originally from Charlotte Russe. It's so short I paired it with my favourite leggings at the moment :)

(Also, I hit my picasa storage limit, argh. So the pictures are pretty grainy and super small. I need to go through and delete old ones. Or does anyone know of any decent photo hosting websites that wont put up "this image has been removed" all over my page?)

Just to jazz this post up a bit I've added some instagram pictures from over the last month (I don't think they deserve a whole post to themselves) I can't believe some of these things are from over a month ago, just before I went to Slam Dunk crazyyy! xo

Ikea sheets / Outfit inspiration / New sunnies /
Pink hair, don't care / Outfit / Me
My bunny / Hair poof / Outfit
Thor card holder / Primark Dress / Socks
New hair / Creepers / Bracelet
Bracelet / Buying shoes / Makeup storage
Star Wars toys / Nails / Studding my jacket

My username is glitterglitterxo :) 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Purple Blazer

Blazer: New look
Shorts: H&M sale
Bralet: New look

Glasses: Glasses direct

I wore this the other day but after 30 minutes I got cold and swapped my shorts for pjs. I never wear my prescription glasses on here, so i thought I'd show them. I bought them last year along with a black pair (I think it was 2 for 1) but the blue never went with my hair colours until now. I only rediscovered them after the black ones became cloudy and were driving me insane!

I've not had much time to blog recently, it started as a hobby but now I feel like it's become part of me (~lameeee~) so when I don't get to blog for a few days I feel like something is missing (~super lameeee~). I do feel very bad that I haven't been commenting much recently too, and on top of that I'm very very shy even when I'm writing comments.

I'm also wondering whether it's time to start introducing more content other than outfit posts, there are so many things I'm passionate about, such as feminism etc, but I feel like I'm not really eloquent enough to write about it without accidentally saying something that may be taken the wrong way.
Maybe one day, eh?

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Top: H&M
Leggings: Miss Selfridge
Creepers: Ebay
Jacket: New Look (old)
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Kukee
Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

I know it doesn't look like it, but it was so windy outside I was finding it very difficult to stand up without flying away! My boyfriend was going to take these on the beach for me but there was a mini sandstorm going on so we found this sheltered place for outfit pictures :) So please excuse my facial expression, the wind was just too much to handle!

Oh yes, this is my new hair colour. It was meant to be ginger but it's faded to strawberry blonde with an orange fringe, I miss the pink but I'm making the most of how easy it is to wear whatever I want with my hair while it stays the colour it is! I think I'll keep it until after I've been on holiday, I don't want to turn the sea pink or purple when I go swimming thanks to my hair!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Thrifting, Creepers and Jewellery

Above: All pieces thrifted

Creepers: Ebay

Jewellery: kukee

So I've been thrifting a lot recently, I hadn't found anything in so long I was a little downhearted about going into charity shops, but in the last few weeks I have found LOADS! As you can tell by all the posts, sorry! The sparkly tops look like the ones they're selling in topshop for 340 at the moment so I snapped it up. The floral trousers I fell in love with, although they are too small, I'm not sure what to do with them yet. And the vintage swimsuit with the tucans is the best thing I've found to date (I know, you're probably thinking "ewww gross", but guess what, it was brand new WITH tags and those stickers they stick in the crotch, WOOOO!). If it had been old I would probably have just cut the bottom off (after vigorous washing, of course!)

On to my creepers, they finally arrived after what felt like FOREVER, due to the jubilee (thanks Queenie..). They're too big so I stuffed them with a little tissue paper as I know the size smaller would have been wayyyy too small for my tootsies so I didn't want to send them back. They look ginormous on my feet but nevertheless, they are one of the comfiest pair of shoes I own, which is why I bought them in the first place so it worked out perfectly!

And finally, after hearing about the jewellery brand  kukee on twitter about 5 times in one day I thought I'd g and have a look. I ended up buying a few things as the prices were so cheap! I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment so it's nice to find statement jewellery that doesn't break the bank.

I'm staying at my boyfriend's for a few days, hopefully I will be able to post but I might be a bit slow :( Although I hope to get some outfit pictures soon as I've (kind of) sorted my hair colour dilemma, yay!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Roundup: Thrifting, Outfits, Benefit

Above are some pieces I've picked up thrifting recently, all over a fair space of time however. The top row are all skirts, bit of a floral theme going on, oops! I found an amazing camouflage hate that I nearly put back (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) but I didn't, luckily! And a few shirts and t-shirts. I'm sure they'll all pop up in outfit posts soon

Here are a few outfits that never made it to the blog. I didn't really like the way the pictures turned out and it seems that that hat is surgically attached to my head at the moment!

I picked up the Benefit freebies with Glamour magazine this month (who hasn't?).  I'm not liking Bad Gal, even though I loved it last time I had one? It's just so watery! I'm still undecided on how effective the Porefessional actually is, however my pores are like moon craters so I cannot imagine I will find a miracle cure. I am loving That Gal primer though, it has a lovely texture and finish!

A bit of a different post today, I thought I'd combine a few things together, either because I didn't take enough pictures or didn't think they deserved a whole post. I'm trying to make my blog a little bit more personal in the sense of posting in the format I would like to read things in. I absolutely LOVE having a post to read by other bloggers that has more than just one topic to focus on. So I might try and make this a more regular feature (along with my others), just as a mini roundup of what I've been up to :)

On another note, I'm hoping to dye my hair very soon. I had a complete dye disaster the other day (hence the lack of posts) where I ended up with about 50 shades of colours in my hair ranging from silver to grubby blue to deep pink. I love colourful hair but I feel like I want to tone it down slightly (only slightly) by making the top half maybe a natural light gingery colour and having the tips pink, I've been thinking about it for a while and am adamant that I want to do it. I know it will fade very very quickly so once it has I'll probably just pop more pink on top

I am struggling with the notion that pink hair makes me feel 100% myself, how will I feel with more natural hair for a little while? But I shouldn't define myself with a hair colour, I end up only getting frustrated when I want to wear bright coloured clothes that only make my hair stand out even more!
Change is always good, right?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

DIY Glitter Collar

In this post I will show you how to make a REALLY SIMPLE glitter collar (it literally takes no time at all). This is very effective and on trend at the moment, however, this is not the most permanent solution to a glitter collar, it's just a bit of fun and may not last very long due to the materials used. Feel free to substitue any materials used to make a more hard wearing piece.

You will need:
- old shirt
- scissors
- pen
- glitter foam with sticky back (bought from poundland)

Materials needed

Start by carefully cutting the shirt collar off at the seams

This is what you will be left with

Lay the collar out flat to get rid of wrinkles, although I didn't it may be wise to iron it

Mark the shape of the design on the back of the sticky back glitter foam, the collar may be too big so mark a centre point and do this in two halves as I have done

This is what your design will look like once drawn out

Cut out the shapes

Peel the back away from the glitter foam and stick firmly to the collar, repeat for both pieces and even out the seam at the back

The finished piece

Very simple yet effective. This is just a fun way to spruce up an outfit, as I said it is not very durable and the glitter does fall out a little so glitter material and fabric glue may work better. This was just something fun I thought I'd try out and share, not a very serious DIY but hey ho :)