Friday, 15 June 2012

Thrifting, Creepers and Jewellery

Above: All pieces thrifted

Creepers: Ebay

Jewellery: kukee

So I've been thrifting a lot recently, I hadn't found anything in so long I was a little downhearted about going into charity shops, but in the last few weeks I have found LOADS! As you can tell by all the posts, sorry! The sparkly tops look like the ones they're selling in topshop for 340 at the moment so I snapped it up. The floral trousers I fell in love with, although they are too small, I'm not sure what to do with them yet. And the vintage swimsuit with the tucans is the best thing I've found to date (I know, you're probably thinking "ewww gross", but guess what, it was brand new WITH tags and those stickers they stick in the crotch, WOOOO!). If it had been old I would probably have just cut the bottom off (after vigorous washing, of course!)

On to my creepers, they finally arrived after what felt like FOREVER, due to the jubilee (thanks Queenie..). They're too big so I stuffed them with a little tissue paper as I know the size smaller would have been wayyyy too small for my tootsies so I didn't want to send them back. They look ginormous on my feet but nevertheless, they are one of the comfiest pair of shoes I own, which is why I bought them in the first place so it worked out perfectly!

And finally, after hearing about the jewellery brand  kukee on twitter about 5 times in one day I thought I'd g and have a look. I ended up buying a few things as the prices were so cheap! I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment so it's nice to find statement jewellery that doesn't break the bank.

I'm staying at my boyfriend's for a few days, hopefully I will be able to post but I might be a bit slow :( Although I hope to get some outfit pictures soon as I've (kind of) sorted my hair colour dilemma, yay!


  1. I never go into charity shops, I'm awful at finding bargains in there, but you make me really want to start going!

    Love the shirt and cardigan especially! :) x

  2. I love that lilac shirt you thrifted :) x

  3. wow I love the items you thrifted! and those creepers are awesome i need some in my life xD

    rebeeca x

  4. love everything! the i love kukee stuff is so cute. x

  5. love the purchases. I really like the bracelet! xx

  6. i love the ring and i'm so jealous of the bracelet^^!
    great blog!!
    Would you maybe like to follow each other?
    take a look at my blog and let me know if you're interrested^^x

  7. LOVE your creepers! You have such a great blog, Im now following you!

  8. i Love the items ! creepers are adorable and th jewellery amazing !

    would you mind check my blog ? if you like it please don't hesitate to follow it <3 ;)

  9. That multicoloured jewelled bracelet is gorgeous!xx

  10. I love the Jewellery - especially the last piece

  11. Lovely items, I especially love the creepers they're a gorgeous colour!

    Emma x