Sunday, 10 June 2012

Roundup: Thrifting, Outfits, Benefit

Above are some pieces I've picked up thrifting recently, all over a fair space of time however. The top row are all skirts, bit of a floral theme going on, oops! I found an amazing camouflage hate that I nearly put back (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) but I didn't, luckily! And a few shirts and t-shirts. I'm sure they'll all pop up in outfit posts soon

Here are a few outfits that never made it to the blog. I didn't really like the way the pictures turned out and it seems that that hat is surgically attached to my head at the moment!

I picked up the Benefit freebies with Glamour magazine this month (who hasn't?).  I'm not liking Bad Gal, even though I loved it last time I had one? It's just so watery! I'm still undecided on how effective the Porefessional actually is, however my pores are like moon craters so I cannot imagine I will find a miracle cure. I am loving That Gal primer though, it has a lovely texture and finish!

A bit of a different post today, I thought I'd combine a few things together, either because I didn't take enough pictures or didn't think they deserved a whole post. I'm trying to make my blog a little bit more personal in the sense of posting in the format I would like to read things in. I absolutely LOVE having a post to read by other bloggers that has more than just one topic to focus on. So I might try and make this a more regular feature (along with my others), just as a mini roundup of what I've been up to :)

On another note, I'm hoping to dye my hair very soon. I had a complete dye disaster the other day (hence the lack of posts) where I ended up with about 50 shades of colours in my hair ranging from silver to grubby blue to deep pink. I love colourful hair but I feel like I want to tone it down slightly (only slightly) by making the top half maybe a natural light gingery colour and having the tips pink, I've been thinking about it for a while and am adamant that I want to do it. I know it will fade very very quickly so once it has I'll probably just pop more pink on top

I am struggling with the notion that pink hair makes me feel 100% myself, how will I feel with more natural hair for a little while? But I shouldn't define myself with a hair colour, I end up only getting frustrated when I want to wear bright coloured clothes that only make my hair stand out even more!
Change is always good, right?


  1. Looks like you got some amazing bargains there! Also NEEEED to get Glamour tomorrow for the freebies!!!! <3

  2. All your bits look so good, that cap is amazing bet your glad you kept it! Oh my god how did I not realise Glamour had all these freebies, getting on that ! x

  3. Loving all of thisssss <3
    I definitely bought all 3 glamours to get all the benefit goodies (£6 - can't go wrong!)
    I'm glad someone else is liking camo caps as well!
    Newest follower :)
    Hannah xo

  4. a change is really good. :) but I have to say that pink suits you so well and you look so so beautiful! :))
    and I adore all the things you've bought *_* they're great!
    I'm of the same opinion that a mixed up post is more interesting than one topic one's.
    in btw your blog is great and I'm so happy that I found it. :) keep up the great work, dear!
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well, if you like :))


  5. omg! your clothing are very pretty!
    i like your style and your hair <3
    find your blog very interesting and good!
    now im follwing you


  6. I love the chain detailing on that shirt :) x

  7. Wow your hair is amazing!!!!
    Great buys
    Thanks for following, right back at ya, your blog is great xxx

  8. Loving your style! Your hat looks fab so no suprise its surgically attached to your head ;) X Following your fab blog now!!

  9. I love your hair...I can't stop staring at it. Lol. I'm sorry that sound so stalkerish. :|

  10. Love your style & your hair is amazing! :)

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  11. the bad gal lash is the best :) love ur blog

  12. Wow all your picks are great and yes it's such a good job you didn't put back the camo hat because it's fab!

    By the way I am holding a giveaway, you can win a cute little pendant and some Barry M nail polish...check it out


  13. Love that outfit with the purple blazer,great round-up ! :) xx

  14. aaah, you got a lot of cute stuff! those benefit products look great, i like that gal! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  15. Love the florals!
    I also worry sometimes because I think my red hair defines me a little bit and I can't ever imagine going for something more toned down. But maybe one day I'll grow out of it, who knows!

  16. what great finds! you are gorgeous girl! i love your hair and your style...following:]

  17. i love these colors and the way you wore them

  18. You are stunning! Love your outfits :)xx

  19. I'm not saying anything new here, but your hair is amazing! I love the bowler hat too xoxo

  20. You are the queen of charity shops, such great finds. I love all the prints and camo hat x