Sunday, 24 June 2012

Purple Blazer

Blazer: New look
Shorts: H&M sale
Bralet: New look

Glasses: Glasses direct

I wore this the other day but after 30 minutes I got cold and swapped my shorts for pjs. I never wear my prescription glasses on here, so i thought I'd show them. I bought them last year along with a black pair (I think it was 2 for 1) but the blue never went with my hair colours until now. I only rediscovered them after the black ones became cloudy and were driving me insane!

I've not had much time to blog recently, it started as a hobby but now I feel like it's become part of me (~lameeee~) so when I don't get to blog for a few days I feel like something is missing (~super lameeee~). I do feel very bad that I haven't been commenting much recently too, and on top of that I'm very very shy even when I'm writing comments.

I'm also wondering whether it's time to start introducing more content other than outfit posts, there are so many things I'm passionate about, such as feminism etc, but I feel like I'm not really eloquent enough to write about it without accidentally saying something that may be taken the wrong way.
Maybe one day, eh?


  1. I love this outfit, I think you should just go for it with other posts I'd find them really interesting :) x

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous outfit! I actually want it all!xx

  3. I love your blog - your hair is amazing

  4. Adorable blazer! Your glasses are a cute color.

    Blog about what you want. When you are open about things you believe have to expect criticism/etc. You can always delete comments that you feel bring negativity on your blog or you can either address it.

  5. Write about whatever you want! This is a cute combo.

    / Avy