Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Week in Photos

1. Dreamcatcher from the Christmas market. 2. My cyberpet app (which I gave up on after 2 days, oops) 3. Skydancer I found in a charity shop. 4. Off to work with my fringe in a vintage roll. 5. Carousel and lights at Winter Wonderland in London. 6. On the train to London again. 7. the mannequins in Oxford Street Topshop. 8. Floral Nails. 9& 10. New hair. 11. Ballet bun which I'm finally enjoying playing around with.

Sorry it's a cheeky instagram post, I don't know if I should bother with these very often? I had an outfit post but it's awful and I have one tiny squinty eye in EVERY picture so I can't put it up :') I've had such a busy week, I've been working non-stop and planning shoots for my uni project (and taking a trip to London - shopping is hard work too). After this week things will hopefully quiet down a little bit and I can finally get back to blogging properly (and with a nice SLR, eeek! Hello videos)

PS: you can now access my blog through! WOO.


  1. I had Hatchi on my iphone and it was so demanding, had to delete it haha!

  2. The floral nails are lovely! xx

  3. loving the bow... cant beat a wee instagram post now and again, I do them too.

  4. i love your blogs!!! <3