Friday, 4 May 2012

So much for saving money..

Top: Topshop sale: £5
Shorts: Miss Selfridge: £15

 Top: Topshop £14

Topshop £3.50  

 Miss Selfridge £1

 Topshop: £3.50

Topshop: £2.50 

 Miss Selfridge: £1

 Topshop: £5

 H&M Kids: £7.99

H&M Kids: £5.99 

 New Look: £16.99

Miss Selfridge: £15

I remember myself saying something along the lines of "I'm not going shopping for a whole MONTH" about 2 weeks ago... well that didn't last very long did it? I guess I'm making the most of having some pennies, I'm going to have to be pretty frugal over the summer months as I'm saving for a deposit on a flat 

I know it sounds terrible, but some of the things in the kids section are nicer than the adults clothes, and fit probably up to a size 12, so it never hurts to look around!

And all of the things I bought were an extra 10% off with my student discount too!

Oooh ps: My hair looks like this now.. probably not for long



  1. such lovely stuff!
    your hair looks beautiful too :-)


  2. Love your hair!


  3. Awr i realy want to put colour in my hair, havnt got the guts :(

    It looks lush!xx