Monday, 30 April 2012

New Drugstore Make Up Purchases

I made a few cheeky make-up purchases a few weeks ago when I ran out of my mac studio fix and realised I was flat-out broke and couldn't afford to keep up my affluent foundation routine. I've given myself time to test them out and I am pleased to say not one of these products let me down, my reviews are as follows:

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (light 2):
After hearing far too many good words being spoken in the blogging world about this concealer I had to get my hands on it. The colour is a good match to my skin, with a hint of pink to cancel out under eye darkness, which I find that this is best for. The consistency is nice and thick as I would expect a concealer to be, it does crease around the eyes slightly so I recommend powdering with a small fluffy brush and buffing it well into the skin, checking towards the end of your make-up routine to see if it has stayed in place. Overall a great concealer for the price of just over £4, bargain!

MUA Eyebrow pencil (blonde)
My eyebrows are darker than my hair but look shocking with a dark brown pencil, I wanted to pick up a cheap blonde colour to see if it looked better and it's safe to say, this is my favourite pencil of all time. It has a brush on the end which comes in handy and a nice, soft consistency when applied. And the best news, it was £1!

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation (004 Nude)
And on to the reason I actually ventured outside my house, this foundation has always been raved about but I am very stubborn with my foundations. After only using mac studio fix for a year my purse was feeling the strain and I needed to find a cheaper alternative until I could afford to treat myself again. At first I wasn't keen on this as I didn't know how best to work it into my skin, it is slightly more sheer than studio fix fluid (only ever so slightly) but I like my foundation to be at least medium/full coverage. I then started using it with my real techniques buffing brush, using two coats and applying a powder on top and viola! It is my new favourite foundation, the colour is much less extreme (in terms of warm/cold) than the mac foundations are too. I do believe this was around £7.99

MUA Shadow trio
For £2.50, this was a great buy! This product speaks for itself, a subtle glowy trio of shadows that look absolutely beautiful on any skin tone. The swatch pictures didn't turn out true to colour so I may try again one day soon, but go and have a test if you are in superdrug any time soon, the pigmentation is amazing.

MUA Clear Mascara
I bought this for £1, just to run it through my brows every day and set them in place. There's not much to say about this, it definitely does the job and isn't too sticky, which is great. It keeps my brows in place all day.

Swatches (Top - Bottom) Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, MUA brow pencil, Collection 2000 concealer.

Has anyone else bought any of these products? Did you love them or hate them? :)

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  1. revlon photoready is definitely one of my fave foundations!! it looks lovely on. x