Monday, 7 May 2012


Topshop Nails in Razzmatazz: £6

I've been dying to get my hands on the topshop gitter polishes for (what feels like years) weeks. I looked everywhere, even the Topshop in Oxford street but no luck. I finally found them when I stopped looking around, always the way. I originally wanted to pick up the pink glitter (adrenaline) but when I compared them I actually preferred the blue. I'm slightly gutted I didn't buy all three but I will probably go back and pick up the other two now that I've tried one.

This was applied with no colour underneath as a base coat, my nails were going commando. Surprisingly I only used two coats to get this effect, it's safe to say I am more than impressed. There are two different grains of glitter in the bottle which always gives a nicer effect, it looks more impressive. The ratio of glitter to polish is amazing,  most polishes take at least 3/4 coats to get anywhere near this effect.

I tried to do the polish justice in the pictures but I don't think I really captured the magic quite enough. The last picture gives a better idea of the colours that it reflects, look at all those colours!

I don't often review just one product, but I loved this one so much i just had to share it.

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