Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Roundup

instagram: glitterglitterxo

Hello there! My blog has been looking a little sparse this week and I thought that a post full of insta selfies (hey, google chrome, please don't underline "selfie" with a red squiggle, it's a real word now and I will use it on my blog as I please!) and videos would round up the week nicely. I haven't had any energy to blog this week as some really huge life events have been happening and I'm drowning in paperwork for numerous things and my poor little blog took a backseat. 

However, I've managed to consistently upload two youtube videos per week, video editing is really reaxing and calms me somehow. I've also started a new, weekly series about thrifting and charity shop purchases, and of course, I will insert them all down below.

youtube: lillarosax


  1. Gorgeous photos and videos, I love your hair colour it suits you so well!

    I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  2. very darling post. loving your hair.

    rae @

  3. Love the daisy print jumper, and your hair is amazing!

  4. I find editing videos so relaxing also, making them is a pain in the ass but once I sit down to edit its so much better! I just found your blog, I love how colorful and appealing it is! great job! x

    Kirsty Rockit Style