Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My favourite Topshop picks and a little update

I've mentioned it 1000 times by now, but I'm really enjoying my Christmas temp job at Topshop! I just wish it could last forever. The one downside is that I can mentally spend over £300 in one shift just while walking through the store. Instead of just lusting over things in my mind, I thought I'd put some of my favourites in a quick blog post and share the love!

Also, I'm really sorry for the lack of posting recently, normal posts will resume ASAP but I've been overrun with shifts at work and my uni semester is coming to an end and I have SO MUCH WORK. I had the worst week of the year last week where everything went wrong, so sorry for not updating much :( I will be back with new videos and nice pictures from my shiny new camera really soon :) and an outfit post in a day or two, maybe I'll get it up today, who knows?


  1. I love the fluffy bag and the space print tee!
    I hope this week turns out to be better for you,

    Rosie x

  2. Working at Topshop is actually my dream job haha. But it must be so hard to resist buying everything.

  3. You can get discounts from the full time staff!!! Wee, love all topshop items! In fact i wish i can live inside there like the mannequin! xx

  4. Love the jewelled bustier!

  5. Wow you are so lucky having a job at Topshop... you never know they may keep you on after Xmas :)
    I'd definitely spend my wages in there if I worked there!

    Check out the Christmas giveaway too (: !