Monday, 1 October 2012

A new leaf..

Blazer: Vintage
Bag: Claire's (excuse the little plastic tag, ugh!)
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Topshop
Shoes: Mall shop

It's the start of October, I'm back at uni and it's getting cold. 99 reasons to be glum. BUT to cheer myself up I'm going through my wardrobe and renovating my style, and by that i don't mean "go out and buy a whole new wardrobe" as much as I would love to, (come at me, student loan!), I'm changing my clothes rails around and pulling out exciting statement pieces like this blazer and trying to get more wear out of unworn things. Can you believe I was going to sell this blazer? (I'm trying to get an online store going... soon, it's in the making!) Well, after trying it on, I've decided to keep it (surprise surprise).
Long story short, I'm going to try and rejuvenate summer clothes for winter. I hate boring, dark greens and burgundy colours so i'm just going to rock the pastels, florals and neons and not give a care in the world if they're not "in fashion", style is subjective to the wearer.



  1. you're right to keep that blazer, it's gorgeous and that style suits you so well ! I love your hair colour it's perfect xx

  2. i loooove that blazer, please don't sell it! your hair and you are beautiful, and keep to your style girl! :) xx

  3. That blazer is beautiful! Bags lovely to xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit, what a beautiful blazer!
    It's so great finding amazing pieces like this in your own wardrobe :) xx

  5. You should at least wear that blazer a few more times before you sell it - it's gorgeous! You put your outfits together so well xx

  6. The blazer is amazing, I'd wear it all year round as well!
    If you love it, wear it.

  7. youve got amazing style! followed x

  8. the bag is gorgeous..♥