Sunday, 30 September 2012

A bunch of outfits


This is an "I feel bad for being a bad blogger throughout August" post, so here are a heap of outfits from my phone camera (not too shabby for a camera if I do say so myself..) I have LOADS of outfits and posts coming up in the next few weeks, I'm super excited!

I should probably explain the hair situation seeing as I went from brown to blonde? I didn't bleach it, I used colour b4 to remove the pink (because I have an apartment review in a few weeks and I cannot with all the pink stains all over my bathroom/cushions/sheets/kitchen/sofa/life). Colour b4 says it doesn't damage the hair so I thought it would be a safe bet, thinking it would go back to brown... this happened, but I loooove it. I always wanted caramel blonde, and to think, the only time it happened was by accident. I'll also do a post on hair dyes like punky colour/directions etc that don't damage the hair, including natural colours, if anyone's interested?

OH ANDDD, I'm writing a make-up/beauty section for an online magazine called migmag! :) thank you so much to steffani for putting my name forward :) (check out her blog too guys, it's AWESOME!)
Here's my first article



  1. Such pretty outfits! Love every single one of them xx

  2. you dress so cute and colourful, such a wonderful wardrobe you have :D x

  3. These are all great looks. Thanks for sharing - you have great style.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Ohhh my god those pink studded flatforms are amazing. I want a pair!

  5. I love the way you mix colours together in your outfits :] I also love those flatforms x

  6. SOOOOOO IN LOVE with the pink sandals *____* <3