Saturday, 14 July 2012

BIG UPDATE! :) blog url change!

EDIT: I have now changed my url from to :)

Just a quick post to say that I will be changing my blog name and url in the next few days! (hopefully by Monday) Eeek. I feel pretty guilty about it because I love my blog name, but I don't love it enough and I want to start making everything consistent. This will be the final time it changes, so what it will be changing to will have to stick FOREVER (dun dun duuuun)

Thank you to anyone who follows me on bloglovin, it means the world to me! However, I'm not sure yet how to change that all around so I will look into it. If you want to ensure that you can find my blog after the name change, please check my twitter for an update (@hermione_xo) - no need to follow or anything :) but I will post it up there!

I know it sounds silly but I don't want to post the new name before I've claimed it so I don't jynx it haha!

And I'm back from my holiday, thank you for all the comments while I was gone! :) I reached 200 GFC followers while I was away, which isn't much to some, but is a HUGGGE amount to me, so thank you so much!

I think that's all my rambling done! xx


  1. ohhh how exciting :} hope you get it xx

  2. just contact bloglovin saying you're changing your url and they should be able to swap all your followers over, once you've claimed your new url on bloglovin x

    - ordaining serendipity