Friday, 22 November 2013

Satin and Spikes

Shirt: Monki Sale - last year
Trousers - H&M sale (£3!!!)
Necklace - Found it in the dining room
Bag - Tenerife
Shoes - Urban Outfitters sale - last year

Are those Halloween decorations or have I been a really naughty blogger and hoarded photos without uploading them? I'm going for the second statement as I've had my Christmas decorations up for weeks now, oops! I haven't put an outfit up for a long time, but I'm struggling to find space in my room for decent photos, so I may revert to some classic "outfit layout" type posts when I can't take pictures. And as us Brits know, the chances of natural lighting during Winter are slim to none.

I'm currently in the midst of a huge blog and youtube revamp, with new layouts and even a side blog for beauty and lifestyle posts. Plus I'm writing up a schedule! Whoa mamma! We'll see how long that lasts ;)



  1. I feel you on the natural lighting problem *sigh*. You look amazing though, I love the print on those pants and the necklace adds such a fab touch! xx

  2. Lovely outfit.
    I feel you on the light problem. It's even a bigger hassle when you normally take your pictures outside: bad lighting + freezing cold or rain.

  3. Your hair is so cool!

  4. Your room is super cool, love the brick wall :) Found your blog today and I love it, you have amazing style!!! I'm a new follower!

    If you're interested, follow me back!

  5. i'm totally loving your cropped shirt! very nice colour and cutting!

    Check out my latest post on 2013 Christmas Recap :)
    RASSP blog