Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dolphin Couture

Top: Monki
Backpack: Primark
Denim skirt: Charity shop
Hat: Monki
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Umm.. OK.. I can explain this outfit... Maybe not. Maybe the 90's "vibes" were just too strong but I couldn't help but pair this tacky dolphin tee with that fluro hat. At least I didn't top it off with a bum bag, right? (Don't think I didn't think about it though)

Ugh, can we just talk about how some shady ebay seller sent me yaki hair extensions? They've gone all fuzzy and I can't do much about it right now. So I'm just going to have to deal with it. Be careful when buying hair extensions on ebay guys! Learn from my mistakes :(


  1. Everything about this outfit is perfection!! You are so adorable!!~

  2. Love it! Also if you open a case on Ebay, 99% of the time it ends in the buyer's favour..seriously biased but works out great if you're buying! xo. --

  3. Really nice outfit! I love your hair (:


  4. Awesome outfit. Reminds me of Kelly from Saved By The Bell!

    x x

  5. amazing! love it! <3