Monday, 20 May 2013


Jumper: Primark
Denim Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: eBay
Bag: Gift

This outfit was primarily a lazy day casual look until I added the shoes which I may or may not be able to walk in (may not is the answer). I'm not much of a layerer in the Winter because I spend too much of my time seething over the fact that it's freezing and I have to wear coats so I do it in Spring/Summer instead. Anyway, very few of my outfits recently have been bloggable unless you want a "Sweatpants and cat t-shirt: what I wear when I'm watching a whole season of MTV teen dramas in one day" post? Didn't think that would be very popular, plus then I would have to face the reality of ow lazy I've been since I finished my deadlines.

But how cute is this tacky rhinestone denim shirt I found in Primark the other day? I couldn't think of a reason to leave it behind, unless you count the fact that it's hideous, but you know I love that kind of thing! Anyway, now that it's car boot sale season I'll try and post some haul type posts here, I don't want to completely neglect my blog for youtube.. although while we're on the subject have you seen my new videos?



  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the layers and colours!

  2. Cute outfit!

  3. lovely post. love the outfit! love the blog<3


  4. I love the different layers and textures. It looks effortless, but pulled together at the same time :)