Monday, 14 January 2013

Pink Fluffy Jumper

Pink fluffy jumper: c/o OASAP
Trousers: H&M

Can you believe I've made a post with only two items in it? I think the jumper speaks for itself though, I didn't want to over accessorise. This gorgeous, soft, fluffy pink sweater is from oasap, and they've got some really unique and interesting pieces on there which you'd never be able to find on the high street. It really fills my need for amazing pieces that you can't find in the UK, everything is so colourful and gorgeous!
I've actually rolled up the bottom of the sweater in one picture as it's a bit chunky on me, but it's so big and fluffy that I think I could venture out in the cold with it on (side note: where is this snow that everyone's been talking about?)
Guess what? This is my 100th post *throws confetti*. I've been slack with blogging for the time being as work and uni have caught up with me :( however, I have 3 different outfit posts I've been meaning to put up over the last few weeks.


  1. Congrats on your 100th post! Love your hair! xxx

  2. I love this jumper and my GOD let me have your hair its gorgeous xx

  3. that looks extremely warm!

    congrats on the 100th post!

  4. Omg that looks so warm!

    Matches your hair so well :)

  5. Definitely speaks for itself - it looks amazing,

    Rosie x

  6. I LOVE this jumper!!! The colour is amazing and I love faux fur - want! Congrats on 100 posts :)

    Robyn Mayday