Friday, 2 November 2012

Studs, studs and more studs. (Oh and More magazine!)

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Outlet store in Panama
Belt: H&M
Bag: Charity Shop
Shoes: Office

I wore this the other day (excuse my poorly face, I'm always sick these days!) but forgot to upload it as I was over run with Halloween excitement! I can't believe I'm starting to like dark colours, only a few posts back I said "It wont happen this year blah blah blah".. But here I am in a black shirt and dark pink skirt (it's actually bright but my camera is a bit poorly too.. it's on it's way to camera heaven). However, I'm still wearing super bright prints and pastel colours for at least 90% of the time!

Heres a quick picture of me in More magazine that came out this week :) (page 38, so my Mum keeps telling me, thanks Mum!). I wasn't a huge fan of what we had to style but I did end up putting my own twist on it. It was an amazing experience and getting to see how the stylists worked was super fun (dream job!). My picture turned out ok, although I have an awkward cheesey grin because they kept making me smile, but all in all it's pretty nice to be in the pages of a magazine. This totally beats the time when I was 5 and my name was in the paper for getting my leg stuck in a park bench - let me tell you, having firemen come and cut you out is not fun!



  1. Congrats for making it into a magazine! :) Love what you're wearing in this pic!

  2. Your shoes look wicked! x

  3. congrats on the feature! Beautiful shoes! x

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  4. Lovely outfit :) Congrats on getting in the magazine, that's so cool x

  5. I love your outfit, that shirt is fab, cannot wait to wear mine once again! congrats on the more mag feature! :D xx

  6. This outfit is gorgeous and well done on the More feature <3

  7. Adore the skirt, you have amazing style! x

  8. Gorgeous outfit, love the blouse- can't believe it's Primark! Congrats on the more feature!

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  9. Lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous.
    It's so cool that you were in More Magazine !