Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Last of the Shopping Addiction

So from today onwards (20th October 2012) until the end of November, I am on a shopping detox. I'm trying to save money for travelling next summer and frantically searching for a job (woe is me) So I'm going to be on my best behaviour until then.

Here are the last few bits I've been buying in the sales (no thanks to blogger/youtube for reminding me that there were mid-season sales on recently, gah!)

Office - some decent shoes as mine always scratch the back of my feet


 My dream skirt for £3, and all it needs is being taken in 3 sizes, nothing my sewing machine can't fix, score!



I've also set up my Bigcartel store again, I used to run it a year ago but stopped because I started university, now that my life is calm again I though I would start it up again :) I've been hoarding these pieces for months to put up online.


In store now:

Coming soon:



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  2. Beautiful buys! I just bought the shoes as yours from office! :)

    Emma x