Friday, 5 October 2012


Here's a bit of a different post, a few of my favourite items of the last few months, all in my favourite colour, PINK!

H&M coat

Gift from Samantha :3

Lace top (thrift)

H&M leggings

Hair growth treatment from Lee Stafford, I think it's working a little

My favourite skirt in the world, from toppers!

Top embellishment (Thrifted)

 Hat (H&M)

 Satchel (Claire's)

My favourite crazy ebay shoes!

We've been talking about "Unique Selling Points" in our university class and how to market ourselves in the creative industry, and all I can think is "People remember me because I wear a lot of pink". Nothing spectacular, I need to think about it more. However even without my colourful hair at the moment, I still got called "Pinkie" TWICE last week by strangers on the street.

So I thought I'd translate it into a blog post :) I'm sick today so no decent outfit posts, and my camera is broken so I'm using my old one. Can anyone recommend a good camera for blogging and make-up pictures (for uni) that's fairly cheap..ish. Preferably a DSLR?? Argh I've been searching all day and nothing makes sense in the camera world! :(

Besides that, I have 2 exciting things to post about next week! :)
Hope you're all well


  1. oh my gosh, it's like a girls dream your photos! such sweet, gorgeous pieces! :) xx

  2. I love the H&M Leggings! It's a beautiful shade of pink!

  3. I did a Breast Cancer Awareness post y/d. Lots of PINK!!


  4. I love your crazy ebay shoes! xx

  5. i love pink! :D and shoes are really crazy but looks good!