Sunday, 28 October 2012

Easy Peasy Last Minute Halloween Costumes #1

I know it's late, but I'm going to put a few more of these posts up in the run up to Halloween! Eeek I'm so excited!

Top - Charity shop
Skirt - New Look
Fur Stole - H&M (old)
Collar - Primark
Boots - Some mall shop in town
Ears - Acessorize

Please excuse how dark and grainy these photos are, my camera was having an off day! It;s a shame because my top is a gorgeous seethrough and velvet baroque print that I found in a charity shop a while back and you can't really see it!

This post is basically a quick rundown of how to create a super easy halloween costume from bits and pieces from your own wardrobe! I used cat ears and dressed in all over black to create an elegant and stylish twist on a costume. I added a collar necklace and fur stole to ad to the feline feeling of the outfit. If you can tell by my su-weeeet photoshop skillzzz in the last picture, I didn't have time to add makeup as I had to run off and catch a ferry, but you can go with or without it for this look!

I love halloween so much, this isn't what I'd normally wear but I thought it would be helpful to anyone going to a party or somewhere nice this year. I'm planning to go all out on the make-up and go super gruesome this year (same as every year!). I've bought tonnes of skin wax and liquid latex, the makeup artist in me is dying to get out. I'll post pictures after halloween probably! My old costumes include a jack in the box, the saw puppet, a zombie mickey mouse and a zombie sailor (I didn't really try much that year, I'm ashamed of myself), I Might dig up some old cringey photos for my next post, we'll see

stay spooky ;) xo

(ps: I'm having serious youtube problems at the moment so if you subscribed to my channel, I've had to change it to LillaRosax, sorry for the inconvenience but there will be lots of new videos this week! :))


  1. Your past Halloween costumes sound amazing, I'd love to see some photographic evidence! Haha (I'm sure they're not that cringey!) xx

  2. I love halloween ! :) sadly don't have plans to go out yet...

  3. This is so cute! Can't wait to see what you do with the liquid latex. I'm going to try cutting up black thread to make fake stitches this year ^^ xx

  4. Gorgeous as always, like a high-couture cat, I love it :3 x