Sunday 23 September 2012

Favourite Bloggers

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Charlotte has been one of my absolute favourite bloggers for a very long time. She is the loveliest girl I've ever had the chance to talk to, she's absolutely beautiful and so is her blog. It's like a pink and floral dreamland that brightens up your day. Every outfit she posts is so gorgeous and colourful, and everything is so well put together with the perfect accessories to match. If you love girly blogs with lots of charm and individuality then you will love Sugar and Spice. Also take a look at her instagram @buttonlove, I am obsessed with it as Charlotte posts such gorgeous pictures, and loads of her super adorable Pomeranian puppy, Harriet (I totally want a pom, I am in love, Harriet is such a cutie!). Her room tour post was one of my favourites, it's my dream room, pink, floral and absolutely perfect in every way! Take a look at Charlotte's blog for yourself, you'll be hooked too :)

(bonus picture with Harriet!)

Georgie is a really lovely girl with an amazing blog. Her outfit posts are amazing, I love her style, it's girly and edgy at the same time with studs and floral crowns. I love it so much because i can really relate to the outfits she wears, I'd wear them all in a heartbeat. Her wardrobe must be incredible! She always has amazing colours in her hair too, the pink and green combo is my favourite by far, it makes me want to delve into the world of green tips! Definitely check her blog out if you love outfits amazing wish list posts, hair care and more it's one of my favourites.
(and also, check out this, which is a really amazing post that I loved reading back in the summer, and something I also feel strongly about. I'm always inspired to write posts with deep subject matters like body hair for example, but I, like most bloggers wouldn't know where to start, yet Georgie done an amazing job in bridging the gap between blogging and opinions. It's lovely to see bloggers who delve deeper into serious topics)

"Petit Papillon De Nuit is an alternative fashion blog based in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester! We love lolita, burlesque, gothic, punk, steampunk, and anything weird and wonderful." This extract from the sidebar really sums up Petit Papillon De Nuit well. I love this blog so much because of the diversity and mixture of the posts. Focused on alternative fashion, it is run by 4 girls, one of whom (Kirstie) is a lovely lady I follow on twitter :) and she has absolutely AMAZING hair, like out of this world beautiful. This blog has something for everyone, with all posts being unique and exciting. I'm really excited for the site re-launch as the last post said there would be a feature on London Comic Con (I soo hope I can go in October!) which is really exciting! I definitely recommend giving this blog a read if you love alternative fashion and gorgeous colourful hair :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's been my favourite to write so far. Give these lovely ladies a view, you wont be disappointed

(All images belong to their owners, I have asked permission before writing this post to use them :))


  1. This is such a lovely write up! Thank you so much :} you are one of my favourite bloggers too as I said before! I'll definitely be checking out the other girls as well, right now in fact ^-^ xx

  2. I love posts like this, it's a good way to discover new bloggers and what they're really like.

  3. Thank you Hermione for such a lovely post! :)

  4. I love posts as such! Always on the look out new blogs, and they all seem amazing.

  5. These bloggers are all really sweet, thanks for sharing!

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  6. hi!i like your blog! would u like to follow each other? i'll be happy)

  7. So nice, love all the looks here!!
    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch...and maybe I could become one of your favourite bloggers ;)

  8. ohh lovely :D thank you for sharing <3
    I really like your style & blog! New reader :)