Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Thrift Finds and Sewing

(Scheduled post, while I'm away)
Here's a few things I've thrifted recently, most need altering.

This tie-dye skirt needs taking in and hemming, but it looks very similar to the one in Miss Selfridge a few weeks ago. I'm hopefully going to dye it purple to make it match. Funny story, i had that skirt in my hand on about 5 different occasions but always put it back, it went down to £5 and I finally decided to buy it, I went to pick it up (the last one, and it was in my size!!) but some woman got the a mere second before me! (sobs). I searched everywhere online for it, no Miss Selfridge down south had it and none in Essex (where my boyfriend lives). I'm still a bit gutted, over a skirt which seems so trivial but I'm going to try and make this look as similar as I can :)

A very old vintage jacket

Camouflage top

Vintage tropical skirt, arrgh I love this SO much, I need to take it up a bit but it was like a match made in heaven!

And here are a few old bits that were in my "to sew" pile, so I thought I'd show them

Some trousers I took up and made into shorts

A gorgeous vintage skirt I hemmed

My first attempt at cloud print tie-dye (the lighting is awful, it doesn't look thattttt bad I swear)

A playsuit I bought in Panama for $3 because it had a strap loose, but it's all sewn up now and is probably in Italy as we speak as this post is coming to you from the past ;D All my posts from now on are scheduled, I doubt I will have much internet while I'm away so I wont be interacting on my blog :( But I'll be back soon!


  1. I love that tropical print skirt - great find!

  2. Oah great stuff! Vintage clothing is just amazing, you're always happy when you find some great bargains right? My fave is this floral jacket on photo #3, it's so so cool. I'm a tad jealous x

  3. Amazing love this ^^

    Love from