Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ombre Sunset Nails

As this is my first nail art post I thought I would ease myself in with something pretty simple, yet really effective. Ombre nails have followed the ombre hair and ombre clothes trend and have been seen everywhere. Here's how to achieve the look in the most simple way...

In this post I will (attempt to) show you how I created these ombre/gradient nails. The colours remind me of a sunset, I love the overall look!

Various colours (preferably 3 as it works best) that fade into each other well
A makeup sponge
Nail polish remover (not pictured)
A white base coat (below)
A top coat (optional)

Paint all your nails white and let them dry thoroughly, this will help you achieve a very bold final look.

Once your nails are dry, take your first colour and paint a dense line across the makeup sponge (any sponge will do but a makeup one works best as the holes are very small)

Continue with the other two colours in the order you would like them to appear

Dab the sponge all over your nail and press down well, it will get all over your fingers but dont worry you will remove that at the end

Once your nails are nearly/fully dry, dab the sponge over them again to build up the colour

Use a Q-tip and dip in some nail varnish remover to remove the colour from your skin

I hope you enjoyed my first nail art post :)


  1. so cute!

  2. these are so pretty! They're nostalgic, bright, and fun. Remind me of the 90's!
    I'll have to try these when I do my nails next. :)

  3. They look great and I love the colours you chose
    : ]

  4. This is such a good idea, I never thought of doing it like that before! I want to follow your blog but there's no follow button..! x

  5. Will definitely give this a go!