Monday, 21 May 2012

Lilac lace

 Annoying twisted necklace!

Dress: New Look
Denim Shirt: New Look
Hat: ebay (I searched "bowler hat")
Necklace: New Look

I didn't even realise that 75% of this outfit was comprised of pieces from New Look, I'm sorry it all sounds a bit boring! The shirt and dress are actually from the children's section. I know, I know that sounds really bad, but the large size more like a size 10 in most pieces maybe even a 12? That makes it ok right? All the kids clothes are much nicer, it would be a shame not to ;)

The bowler hat came in the post this morning and I am literally going to wear it every single day! I love it. It came from ebay, there are so many companies that ship them from china/hong kong and it was only £6.99! Bargain :)

Apologies again about the photo quality! The first few were SO ORANGE, I had to edit them, but then I changed the settings, the last ones turned out a little better but they're very dark. I give up on technology!


  1. I love the colour of that dress! Suits you so well :)

  2. Your style is so great! Such a lovely outfit. Now I'm more than tempted to go shopping at New Look again too!

  3. This dress is so pretty! I'm in love with your hair, I'd love to have mine pink all over :) xx

  4. sucha pretty colour.

    J x