Monday, 9 April 2012

Botanical Print

Trousers: Primark
Top: Charity Shop

Shoes: Charity shop (originally Internacionale)
Necklace: Jewellery Outlet

These are now my "Retiring in Florida" trousers. I have decided when I am 60, I will retire in Florida and sit by the pool and play golf (or whatever older people do) all day, and I will be wearing these every day. Well.. that is if they survive, they are from Primark!

I was going to make a lookbook video but the lighting was awful so I took pictures instead! This was the "botanical look" showing that you can dare to wear crazy trousers and pair them with a plain shirt to tone them down (although if you're brave you can wear anything with them!)



  1. Love the trousers. I think you would be a stylish 60 year old! ;)

    Emma x

  2. OMG that trousers is so awesome, why don't we have Primark in France ;'(
    I bet it wasn't expensive too aaah *cries*

  3. Aw thank you both! :D
    Nooooo You NEED a Primark in France, they were only £10! You should visit England :)

  4. i love this! excellent 'retiring in florida' trousers. i have a similar plan, mai tais and mah jong all the way! :) x

  5. Gorgeous outfit, love the trousers. Your hair is stunning!xx

  6. Your trousers are just DIVINE!
    Great blog!
    Can we follow back each other?

  7. I love your hair and necklace !